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Covad is in the business of broadband. As the first company to commercially deploy DSL in the United States, our heritage is broadband innovation. We own and operate the largest national broadband network, and today we are the only national facilities-based provider of data, voice, and wireless telecommunications solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

Be it VoIP, high-speed Internet access, or broadband wireless, we seek to innovate in all aspects of our business to ensure that our customers always have a better choice in communications.

Covad broadband and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services are currently available in 44 states and 235 major markets and can be purchased by more than 57 million homes and businesses.

Our nationwide network is just the beginning. As market leaders, we make sure our customers are a step ahead—improving communications in their businesses and their homes. Creating and offering products and services that meet customer needs is a vital ingredient in our strategy. As pragmatic innovators, we invest in what we know will propel us ahead of the competition so that our business customers stay ahead of their competition.

Covad’s broadband network was designed with businesses like yours in mind. Unlike many consumer-focused providers that just use the public Internet, Covad’s network is managed for Covad customers. That means Covad can offer the highest speed data, the highest quality voice calls, and maximum reliability so you can focus on business, not your broadband connection.

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